Express Cleaning Services Near Me

A SweepSouth Express Service is the ideal solution for people who are always on the go, have last-minute plans, or enjoy doing the cleaning themselves but don’t have the time to get through it all. The convenience factor of an Express Service comes from its 1-3 hour timeframe, combined with the choice of the quick and specific cleaning tasks listed below.

If you’re someone who finds cleaning to be therapeutic and enjoyable but is still limited by life’s demands in getting through it all, book your trusted SweepStar to handle the rest. Find the answers to some commonly asked questions about Express Cleaning Services below and discover how your home can be left spotless and your schedule less stressful within a matter of a few short hours. 

Express Cleaning Prices:

A SweepSouth Express Service is booked at a fixed cost of R199 from Monday to Thursday, and R299 from Friday to Sunday. This is done to ensure travel costs for SweepStars and remuneration for a job well done are still covered.

What is included in an Express Service? 

Because general cleaning is not included in an Express Service, customers are asked to choose specific cleaning tasks that include the following: Laundry & Ironing; Inside Fridge; Inside Oven; Inside Cabinets; Interior Windows; Interior Walls; and any other tasks you may require by mentioning them in a comment when making your booking.

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