Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic workers, maids, or housekeepers, we prefer the term "SweepStars". Either way, they're looking forward to helping you clean your home. Have any questions? To assist, we have outlined some FAQ's, and also included how best to use the platform in different cases.

We operate Monday to Sunday 7:00am to 6:00pm. However, bookings can be made 24/7 from your mobile, tablet or computer.

Our rate is R38 per hour. This ensures that cleaners are paid decent wages for the excellent work they do. We run periodic specials and give out vouchers, so keep an eye out for our discounted rates.

We currently operate in most areas of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Centurion and Pretoria.

We're rapidly expanding into new areas. If we don't cover your region yet, subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be notified when we do.

While the SweepSouth booking platform calculates the estimated amount of time needed to clean your place, please note that you are able to manually change the number of cleaning hours to suit your timeframes and pocket.

Note that payments are based on the actual hours it took to do the cleaning and cleaning time should only be adjusted with your consent.

Payment information is taken securely online as part of the booking process. Supported payment methods include Credit or Cheque Card, EFT or SnapScan.

If paying by card, your details will be used to reserve your appointment and payment will not be processed until the cleaning has been completed.

This site is protected by a 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring your data is safe at all times.

SweepCred enables you to load credits into your account to use for any upcoming bookings.

SweepCreds can be purchased using your Credit or Cheque Card, EFT or SnapScan from your account.

Yes. After your booking, you will get a chance to rate and tip your cleaner online or via the app. Please note, tipping is optional and is enabled when you give a positive rating.

Yes. Step 3 (Date & Time) in the booking process enables you to view and request a cleaner you've previously booked. You can request a cleaner using the "Previous SweepStars" option, and will see her schedule including her available days and times.

Note that if you select one of the repeat booking options, you will have the same cleaner come regularly.

You can quickly and easily make a new booking, based on a completed/previous booking, by selecting the relevant booking under Account -> Bookings. Tap the "Choose Date" button to review the details and select the new date and time.

You can get it from the Google Play store or the Apple app store here.

We respect your privacy and we will never sell or share your private information.

Your credit card details are never stored on our website.

This site is protected by a 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring your data is safe at all times.

SSL Certificate

Please pay careful attention to the details on the booking review page and in the confirmation email.

Some of the information can be updated directly via Account -> Bookings. Incorrect bookings can also be cancelled via Account -> Bookings, and a new booking created accordingly.

In the confirmation email sent after you have booked the appointment, we include the name, picture and short bio of the professional cleaner that has been matched to your appointment.

Our cleaners go through a rigorous screening process which includes numerous interviews, background and criminal checks, document verification and test cleans.

All our cleaners have no less than 2 years of proven cleaning experience.

All SweepSouth cleans are fully insured. We give a 100% happiness guarantee on all our cleans, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will send out someone else at no additional cost.

If you would like to use one of our cleaning professionals once a week, once every two weeks, once every three weeks, or once a month, our repeat cleaning option is for you.

To select repeat cleaning, on Step 3 (Date & Time) of the booking process, select how often you would like your place to be cleaned.

Need more frequent cleaning?

For getting your place cleaned three or more times per week, we also offer reduced rates.

For more info, you can email us or call us on 086-999-0221 and we'll help you get the cleaning appointments setup in the process.

SweepSouth will co-ordinate getting the cleaner to your place. In rare case, there may be transport delays that are out of their control.

At the cleaning start time, please be there to open up for the cleaner, or alternatively make the keys available for the cleaner to collect.

Note that during the booking process, you can specify these particulars.

In most cases, your SweepSouth cleaner will bring their own small packed lunch. For longer cleaning appointments, please allow your cleaner to have a brief lunch break.

If 2 cleaners are assigned to your booking, cleaning hours will be split evenly between them.

For example, for 10 hours of cleaning, 2 cleaners will do 5 hours each.

To change your personal information, go to Account -> Profile.

To view, cancel or update some of the booking information, go to Account -> Bookings.

Cancelling a booking after 19h00 the day before the appointment will incur a late cancellation fee of R70 per cleaner assigned to the booking. R25 service fee may still apply.

The cancellation fee consists of a cleaner remuneration fee of R50 for any transport and/or lost earnings, as well as a R20 administrative fee.

To update your payment details, go to Account -> Profile -> Cards.

To change your current password, go to Account -> Profile -> Change Password.

Yes, you can purchase a prepaid / gift voucher with credit or cheque card, instant EFT, or SnapScan. You can redeem it yourself or have it sent to whoever you like.

Yes, we offer rewards in return for each referral. To get started, go to Account -> Invite & Earn.

An obvious case to use SweepSouth is where you have no regular domestic cleaner (or haven't had one for a while) and things are starting to get real in your living space. Your laundry is piling up, there are new species of fungi growing on your dirty dishes, and your bedding is used to hide the sheets in addition to covering you up.

In this case, enter the particulars of your place as well as additional tasks that need to be done, and schedule a once off clean for a time that suits you. Seeing as you let things get that bad, maybe consider a weekly or once-every-two-weeks clean?

While many South Africans have some form of assistance with domestic cleaning, there are those who are valiant enough to do it all themselves. In this case, you may want a professional cleaner to give the place a deeper clean, doing things like dusting and vacuuming as well as the extras like wiping down walls, oven cleans, fridge cleans and window cleans.

In this case, select the amount of rooms you would like cleaned as well as all of the extra tasks that you may not have paid attention to and want done. Observe the hours needed and adjust if necessary. This option can also be used for cases where only a spring clean is needed.

If you're moving in or out of your place, it's likely that there's some additional cleaning to be done.

In this case, select the number of rooms to be cleaned as well as additional tasks to be done. If there is a lot of cleaning needed, you may want to use two cleaners. The SweepSouth platform may select two cleaners for bookings longer than 9 hours.

If you are having an event and need a cleaner present either during the event or to clean up afterwards, SweepSouth is here to help.

While booking, bypass the rooms selection and select the amount of hours required for the clean. Input the address and payment information and then after the process is complete, use "other" under "additional information" to open up a dialogue box telling us that you are specifically booking a cleaner for an event. Alternatively, email us directly at and we will set up the booking for you.

No. Please note that SweepSouth supplies cleaning products (e.g. dish washing liquid) if you have selected this option during the booking process, but not cleaning equipment (e.g. mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners).

When selected during the booking process, SweepSouth cleaners will bring a set of general cleaning products to a cleaning appointment. This includes a general all-purpose cleaner, a window cleaner (for windows and mirrors), a bathroom cleaner and dishwashing liquid.

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