Heavy Lifting Services Near Me

Whether you’re moving out, moving in, decluttering, or just reorganising, booking a Heavy Lifting Service will take the weight off your shoulders. If your friends and family aren’t available to help, or you just need the extra pair of hands, simply book a trusted SweepStar to assist and help with lifting heavy objects that would otherwise be a struggle. 

It could be a box, a shelf, an item of furniture, or something else; there’s no need to risk possible injury when your trusted SweepStar is able and willing. Like all of SweepSouth’s other home services, the heavy lifting service can be booked with only a few taps of a button. Find out more about our Heavy Lifting Service and what it entails, below.

Heavy Lifting Service Prices:

A Heavy Lifting Service will range in price based on the amount of hours it’s booked for. Head to our booking funnel to get a free quote. 

Who are the heavy lifting movers? 

SweepStars that can be booked for heavy lifting are those who are strong enough to handle the types of loads required for this job. Like all other SweepStars, they are vetted, experienced, customer-reviewed, and all-round awesome people.

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