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Outdoor & gardening services in Gardens

When you are in need of any outdoor & gardening services in Gardens -look no further but connect with Sweepsouth connect.We offer reliable and affordable services and you get connected with one of our Sweepstars within minutes.It as easy as that!

Why Sweepsouth connect.

Why not!You just download our hassle free app and get started.No need you fill out endless paperwork.All the information you require is on our app.Our Sweepstars are vetted and you can view their profile online.We offer same day services and cheap rates.We have a very fast response time.If you unhappy with our Sweepstars -no need to worry just contact our Support service and a friendly agent will assist you immediately.

Please see below outdoor & gardening  services in Gardens we provide but not limited too:

  • Tree maintenance
  • Turning the soil and raking up leaves

  • Weeds in the gardens

  • Rubble in the garden
  • Messing plants
  • SweepSouth Outdoor SweepStars also provide exterior windows cleaning
  • Moving and lifting of heavy equipment.

In need of an outdoor & gardening services in Gardens,do not hesitate, just download our app and get started.Payments is also made online using our trusted and secure online payment.Knowing that the economic climate now is difficult – Sweepsouth connect  seeks to employ as many people as possible. By using our services, you will also be contributing to empowering people and providing job opportunities.Hurry up and get connected with Sweepsouth connect.

       Give us the opportunity to make a difference

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