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Outdoor & gardening services in Heathfield

Do you require any outdoor & gardening services in Heathfield?Outdoor cleaning requires a lot of time especially if you have a full time job.We do have a solution, just download our app and get connected to one of our vetted Sweepstars.Sweepsouth is a platform that connects homeowners to outdoor cleaners within just a few minutes.Clients  can view detailed profiles of each cleaner, which includes ratings, and thereby find their perfect SweepStar match.

Herewith is some of the services that we provide in Heathfield:

Gardening -Mowing of lawn,trimming of grass,garden maintenance,revamping         flowerbeds,soil preparations and conditioning,watering your lawn.

Outside windows -Is your outside windows grimy,dirty or dusty, no need to look any further we are here to assist.Our Sweepstars will make sure that your windows are always clean and spotless.

Moving/Lifting helpers -If you are relocating within the Heathfield area and need help moving heavy furniture, just download our app and get started.We have reliable Sweepstars at affordable rates.They are reliable and trustworthy.

So if you looking for outdoor & gardening services in Heathfield look no further just download our app and get started.Its as easy as that.We also offer same day services and you may rate your experience on completion of service.We also have a very secure payment system.No need to hesitate just book now and get connected with Sweepsouth.

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