Gardening Services Kirstenhof

Outdoor & gardening services in Kirstenhof

How many hours do you spend in your yard?Do you have a full time job and no time  to attend to your garden?Well look no further for any outdoor & gardening services in Kirstenhof, we are able to assist you.Just download our user friendly app and get started.

Why choose us?

Sweepsouth is a platform that connects busy homeowners to vetted outdoor cleaners within minutes of creating a booking.You can list multiple locations and get work done simultaneously.We offer same day services and have affordable rates.You can rate your experience once the service has been completed.

Services we provide in Kirstenhof:

Gardening:Is your weeds up is your yard in a total mess, no need to look any further just download our app and create an appointment.We also can assist you with tree felling,grass trimming and many more other garden maintenance.

Exterior windows:SweepStars also provide exterior windows cleaning making sure

that the outside of your windows is always clean and outdoor cleaning ensure that your

yard is always spotless.

Moving helpers:If you are moving or have heavy equipment that you need assistance with when you are moving or relocating within the Kirstenhof surrounding areas, our outdoor SweepStars can assist you.

Our aim at Sweepsouth is to provide our customers with the best possible value for money, without compromising on service. So not delay if you require outdoor & gardening services in Kirstenhof -download our app and get connected.

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