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Outdoor and gardening services in Thornton

If you are in Thornton and are considering having landscaping or garden maintenance done we can help find someone who can take care of you. There are outdoor and gardening service professionals in Thornton with a long lasting reputation and have a passion for tending to other people’s gardens. These landscapers service all corners of the Thornton area and pride themselves in being able to offer you a same day solution alternatively you can schedule a suitable date for the near future. It is important that you get a quote before having services rendered to avoid any unnecessary charges. Before getting your quote SweepSouth Outdoor will help you select a trustworthy landscaper that can come out to your property to review the size and the state of the garden and assist you in making a decision on what needs to be done.

Here are some of the services available in Thornton: 

- Once off garden clean up
- Seasonal tree and shrub pruning
- Fertilizing and mulching
- Lawn Mowing
- Weeding
- Watering solutions
- Soling
- Plant selection
- Fertilizing

All of this can be done without damaging existing plants. SweepSouth Outdoor looks forward to helping you find a landscaper in the Thorton area that not only has a high star rating but is affordable to. 

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