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Outdoor and gardening services in Tokai

Tokai landscapers have extensive knowledge in the outdoor and gardening industry many of which have studied horticulture. These are dedicated professionals who can be found throughout the Tokai area. They will walk you through all stages of the gardening process from planning to installing to completion and an additional aftercare plan. Some of our clients might be looking at refurbishing their garden while others might want to create a brand new garden. We can help put you in touch with a landscaper that can help you with your vision while working within an affordable budget to make sure that you walk away with a garden that is unique to you.
Below are some of the types of services available in Tokai:

- Garden Maintenance
- Weeding
- New Plants Planted
- Fertilization 
- Lawn Services
- Pruning and Trimming
- Watering

You can make use of the SweepSouth Outdoor App to help you find a landscaper who will have you select the services that you require, give you a direction to head in. Once you have and accept the quote the fun part starts. A landscaper of your choice will have a group of trained professionals come to you to assist with site clearing, paving, water features and irrigation system, planting of plants, flower beds and stone pathways for you to walk through your version of the garden of eden. Upon completion you will be given a handover plan to maintain your garden and a chance to rate their service. We look forward to helping you make the right landscaping decision.

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