Gardening Services Tygerberg

Outdoor and gardening services in Tygerberg

While some of you might consider gardening to be a leisure activity there are many others who would consider it to be a choir.  If you simply do not have the time to tend to your garden or think that you might need professional help Tygerberg is proud to offer outdoor and gardening services to our clients. These landscapers are able to assist all types of clients ranging from office parks to complexes through to large commercial properties. Depending on the property that you need assistance with and the services that you require we will be able find a landscaper that suits you best.

Below are some of the services Tygerberg landscapers offer:

- Garden Maintenance
- Landscaping & Irrigation
- Tree Feeling
- Artificial Grass
- Paving
- Supplying of plants
- Installation and upkeep of water features

We understand that although money is not a problem for some of our clients it might be for others which is why the SweepSouth Outdoor App is right for you. Not only do we put you in touch with a landscaper in your area we also let you know what they are able to offer you and at what price which helps you make an informed decision before having someone come to your property. Please use our App to help you with all our outdoor and gardening service needs.

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