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We've received over 250 nominations for our Wonder Women campaign and it has been inspiring for us to see how many Wonder Women are out there.
Thank you very much for all your nominations.

The top 5 nominees were selected based on the motivation which mostly aligned with the SweepSouth mission and values.

Here are your top 5 nominees


Natalie Delport

Natalie had three kids at 21 (due to horrible circumstances), never finished school, never received a cent maintenance and her first job was as a cashier at Joshua Doore.

Fast forward a couple of years later and this miracle mom now has put all three of us through school (I'm the youngest at 27), managed to let me obtain my degree with no student loan, all while completing her post-graduate degree, running her own business, and sitting on the board of a couple of important committees.

I honestly wish they had a hall of fame for moms like mine!



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Marie-Louise Botha

Marie-Louise is full of life, love, adventure and joy and continues to be kind to others as she shows what kindness can do to change a nation.

She can speak a number of different African languages and left the corporate world to pursue her passion to bring people of different races and cultures together by starting Bothabile African Language Institute PTY Ltd in Centurion. I call her the master bridge builder as she and her team build bridges where there are divides between different speaking people. Marie-Louise and her family do a number of outreaches, assisting wherever they can to bring hope and teach the love of God. She is a lover of people and a conqueror of difficulty. If there is something that needs to be done... she will find a way to make it happen.



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Melanie Williams Gray

Melanie Williams Gray is a phenomenal & WONDER WOMAN. She has been through so much hardships and struggles throughout her life, one of them being a single mom at a very young age. Many of these hardships could have broken her but she got up EACH AND EVERY TIME and persevered. 

Although she still has a struggle daily, coupled with a painful chronic condition at the age of 48, she still continues to run her daycare AND run a soup kitchen out of her own pocket to feed the people in her community.

She is also an amazing aunt to my two daughters and I am sure they like her more than me! In the absence of our dearly departed mother 15 years ago,I think she doubles up as the granny that spoils them rotten!


Nominee 3

Kelly-Ann Van Der Meer

Kelly-Ann is an altogether a SuperWoman and Wonder woman!
The charity work she does is amazing. Feeding over a thousand people tirelessly, putting others first... She's the definition of Ubuntu!! Her love for other people is infectious!!

She's the founder of One Small Act Of Kindness. They help pregnant women at hospitals by giving them toiletries to homeless children and men.. Soon they will be at Zandspruit primary school giving girls toiletries. If these are not superpowers then I don't know!!!! I've seen people start something beautiful only to get tired along the way but this woman has so much love and fire in her....still going strong...regardless of her own personal challenges.

This woman right here redefines the word love! She's love itself.



Nominee 4

Pulane Mkwane

Pulane is not family by far but a colleague. She is working as a police officer doing Social Crime Prevention.

She would always take children's interest at heart. Once we had children coming to our station who didn't know where they are as they got off the wrong train station. She didn't rest until they were safely reunited with their parents. Even though school visits are one of her tasks she always keeps an eye open for children in need. She identified close to 50 primary school kids who doesn't have school shoes and went out of her way asking for donations from employees and businesses.

She is working closely with other Non profitable organizations who also approach her for help and she always tries to help. On her own she is trying to gather as much sanitary towels for girls at schools but it is going slow with donations from colleagues. So yes! That will be my nomination. I also help where I can but I think she is doing a huge part in our policing community.


Nominee 4

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