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Top 5 Areas Covered In Online Accounting Courses:

  • - Introduction to Accounting
  • - Financial Accounting
  • - Fraud
  • - Auditing
  • - Managerial Accounting



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Accounting, also referred to as the “language of business”, involves the recording of either an individual or a company's financial transactions. You would need to introduce yourself to basic accounting, principles, concepts and terminology before you begin to learn how to store, sort, retrieve, summarize and present these findings in various reports and / or analyses.

Some of the important accounting terminology you will become familiar with when doing online accounting courses include: credits, expenses, assets, costs, income, expenditures and cash flow. Everytime you or your business enters a financial transaction accounting is being used. Accounting is basically your financial information.

Types of Accounting:

  • - Financial
  • - Managerial
  • - Tax
  • - Cost
  • - Credit

An accountant would need to be able to take all this information / data using analyses, strategy and tax planning and make it easy to understand. Accounting is important because it allows you or a company to see whether you are making money. These findings are often presented to external parties such as investors, regulators and suppliers. These parties need to know whether what you are doing is an asset or a liability.

Any successful business has a strong accounting department. Accounting is a vital and integral part of every company and thus a quality educational background is required. Various organisations offer online accounting courses. Here at SweepSouth we are offering world-class and competitive online accounting courses as well as various bookkeeping courses online. Our range of service providers will ensure you are covered with the best and current accounting knowledge.

Our online accounting courses as well as bookkeeping courses online will ensure you know how to draft financial statements, create a budget for individuals and companies and of course be able to measure and judge their financial performance. 

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