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Popular Online Photography Courses Available:

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  • - Cambridge in Colour
  • - Phlearn
  • - Luminous Landscape
  • - Society of Photographic Education



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Photography is a lot more than just taking pictures it can be seen as an art of capturing light using both digital or film to take an image. A Lot like web design there is both a technical and a creative side to photography. The first photograph ever taken was by Joseph Niepce in 1826 and has evolved much since then.

You can take photographs using an automatic setting however if you would like more control of the outcome of the photo there are three basic settings one must know when taking a photograph: 

  • - Aperture refers to the size of the hole which you allow light to pass through to the camera lens
  • - Shutter speed refers to how quickly the cameras shutter opens and closes
  • - ISO controls the sensitivity to the cameras sensor to light

Once you have learned these three basic rules of photography you will be able to grow and expand your knowledge to assist in taking beautiful photographs. There are many different types of photography from landscape to portrait to travel to street and as you learn more about photography you will find yourself more interested in one type than the other.

You can learn more about Photography and enhance your skills through our online photography courses. If you want to learn more about photography it is a good idea to get yourself a camera and begin with an online course. Here at SweepSouth Connect we will assist in connecting you with a variety of service providers offering online photography courses to suit your needs.

Online photography courses are a convenient and efficient way for you to gain all the photography skills and information needed to be the best in your field.

If these topics mentioned above further appeal to you then make sure you download our app and start today with our online photography courses! These courses and more will be available for you once you download the app. SweepSouth Connect is here to assist with vetted, highly rated and reliable service providers!

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