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Top 5 Project Management Short Courses:

  • - General Management Principles
  • - Financial Management and Data Processing
  • - Risk Management
  • - Business Skills and Entrepreneurship
  • - Office Administration and Communication



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If you’re here, it means project management is something you’re quite interested in! However, you’re probably unsure about where to start to get the necessary certifications and qualifications to get you in the industry. If so, then you need not look no further!

Choosing a project management short course via SweepSouth Connect is the best place to start. These short courses will assist in providing you with a foundation of Project Management by teaching you how to plan, command, lead and put into place your project plan. This can also be referred to as the project life cycle. The good news about these courses is that they do not require any previous project management knowledge and will help you build your skills from the ground up. These short courses will allow you to learn quickly, efficiently and at your own pace! You can decide if you would like to complete the course part-time or full time and you get to walk away with a certification that will assist in your career goals. These courses are definitely an investment in your future!

These project management short courses will help you to learn the following:

  • - Learn how to get an investor to buy into your plan
  • - Teach you how to plan effectively using a tight budget
  • - Identify the requirements necessary for a project
  • - Learn how to present your project plan to others
  • - Assist in teaching you how to provide a quality project
  • - Assist in teaching effective team communication skills
  • - Learn how to estimate the cost of resources needed for the project and how to identify and manage  risk.

Keen to know the industries where a project management short course is most advantageous? Below we have provided some examples of the Project Management positions you can fulfil upon completing the available courses:

  • - Business Project
  • - Construction Project
  • - Financial Project
  • - Healthcare
  • - IT Project
  • - Project Management Consultant
  • - Project Risk Manager
  • - Technical Project Manager

We hope this information has increased your interest in taking a Project Management Online Course online via SweepSouth Connect! We look forward to assisting you in finding a course that suits your time and needs with one of our experienced and reliable service providers!

So start today and download the App to get started!

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