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Top 5 Types Of Digital Video Marketing Services Available:

  • - Product Demos: videos which explain the product.
  • - Interviews: includes conducting and posting online.
  • - Testimonials: videos of happy customers.
  • - How-Tos: videos explaining your offering.
  • - Webinars: record live web-based-seminars



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How Will Video Marketing Benefit My Business?

It’s the year 2020 and video marketing is dominating social media platforms. If you aren’t creating digital video marketing content yet, you are definitely falling behind!
Video marketing is exactly what it says it is. It is about using videos to market your product, service or brand and business.
From testimonials to tutorials and product demos to reviews, they say a strong marketing campaign includes videos. There are so many different types of video marketing content you can create.

Types Of Digital Video Marketing Content:

  1. Presentations & Talks: include posting recorded videos of presentations and talks someone related to the business has organised, delivered, attended, or was a part of. Such talks (like Tedx) are much sought after video content on the internet.
  2. Tutorials: in-depth videos to teach the customers the intricacies of the offering or other offering business is affiliated with.
  3. Reviews: videos of the product or services posted by influencers and thought leaders, which result in altering the decisions of the viewers.
  4. Behind The Scenes: many businesses often release behind the scenes videos which help them establish a closer relationship with the customers who get to experience what they usually don’t see in advertisements or TV.
  5. Lives: videos related to the brand or offering that are streamed live either to showcase something important or to interact with the customers directly.
Videos have changed the way brands connect with their customers. It’s revolutionized the way a brand sells, the way customers shop and the way consumers consume as well as the way support teams maintain relationships with the customers.
If you’re completely unfamiliar with video marketing, you’re bound to make quite a few mistakes along the way but not if you outsource a digital marketing video specialist. They’ve got the qualifications and come with the experience to back it up.

Not sure where to find one? Use Connect!

Why Connect Is The Platform To Find Your Service Provider
  • Connect is a professional services app that facilitates the connection between you and a service provider to do whatever is on your business’ to-do list, which in your case is video marketing.
  • We have a range of digital marketing video professionals who you can consult with to plan and execute a video marketing strategy, specific to your business.
  • We’ve done all the admin - background checks, references, etc. These service providers are vetted, reviewed and rated. All you have to do is get connected.
Download Connect today and find a digital video marketing specialist in a matter of minutes!
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