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4 Types Of Market Research Companies:

  • - Marketing consultancy – offers marketing suggestions.
  • - Direct marketing – measure consumer responses
  • - Telemarketing – telephonic-based comms & support.
  • - Digital marketing - digital channel advice & guidance.



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What does a marketing company do?

A market research company specialises in assisting businesses with creating, implementing and sustaining marketing strategies. This often begins with market research which assists clients in making improvements to their current marketing plans. Once there is a clear view of your business plans, the next step would be, implementing strategies to improve.

The goal of working with a marketing company is to change your target market into customers, improve sales and grow your business and brand. Every brand’s first goal is that you need a rock-solid strategy. Proper research and market insights being the foundation which brings together what the people want with what the company can provide. How client collaboration and communications are handled is important. That is why someone is appointed who can easily be reached and communicates clearly.

There are different types of market research companies:

  • - Marketing consultancy – offers suggestions and are usually not directly involved in the implementation of a marketing plan. Their job is to find new and improved ways to move your business forward.
  • - Direct marketing – helps you measure your consumer responses by mailing out items on your behalf.
  • - Telemarketing – Is a telephonic based communication style which allows for a direct line of communication and support.
  • - Digital marketing – Provides advice on how to use social media and improve the search engine organization which helps you communicate more effectively with customers

The benefits of having access to market research companies are to ensure that everyone is one the same page. It allows your business to be proactive and realigned with the vision and goals of the business. In addition, it makes it easier to see new opportunities. Thus, getting in contact with market research companies is highly important. However, finding the right company for you can be a bit tricky, however have no fear as SweepSouth connect is here to assist you with all your market research needs.

Connect will connect you with thoroughly vetted and professional market research companies to meet all your market research needs.

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