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The Top 5 Tax Services Available:

  • - Complete your tax registrations
  • - File your tax returns
  • - Resolve any tax objections
  • - Issue any tax advice
  • - Help with tax planning



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There are various companies which offer a broad range of tax services and are designed to help both the individual and companies with their tax services.

These companies have extensive knowledge on tax and tax requirements and vast experience with all your taxation needs. You will be confident in knowing that they can assist you in remaining tax compliant, make informed decisions and receive the best tax advice to assist you in saving money.

Our tax services professionals are here to help you align yourself with the best possible tax strategy by using compliance and advisory services.

In today’s world managing your tax responsibility has become complex and / or challenging which is why there are professionals out there to help you with this demand.

They want to be able to walk their clients through the taxation process with ease.

We find that there are a wide variety of tax services that our customer’s need assistance with varying from:

  • - Tax registration: If your earnings are above the tax threshold you are legally required to register for income tax.
  • - Tax returns: This is a percentage taken by the government from your income earned.
  • - IRP5: A tax certificate issued to you at the end of every year detailing your income, deductions and related taxes.
  • - Objections:This a process whereby we review any disputes or file an appeal between you and the taxman.
  • - Advice: We can connect you with the necessary staff members if you need any support or advice regarding your tax.
  • - Issues: The most common issues we find with our customers in penalties for not submitting their tax returns on time or at all.
  • - Planning: This involves the analysis of your financial situation and to ensure tax efficiency in any of your investments plans.
  • - Queries: If you have any additional tax related queries we will do our best to answer them for you.  

Here at connect we want to help you take care of all your taxation needs. So download the connect app to get started today!

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