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Top 5 SARS Efiling Documents Required:

  • - IRP5/IT3(a) Employee Tax Certificate
  • - Interest income certificate (local or foreign)
  • - RA & Medical Aid contribution certificates
  • - Travel Allowance
  • - Information regarding capital gain (local or foreign)



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Efiling is the free process whereby an individual or a company is able to submit their tax returns using an online forum that has been approved by their government as legitimate. Efiling benefits both the taxpayer and the government as it is more convenient, accurate, reliable and lowers the risk of late submissions or any errors being made. In addition to this it allows for an easy storage system of all your tax history right at the tip of your fingers.

There are various types of tax you can do using efiling such as PAYE, Skill Development Levy, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Value Added Tax and Provisional Tax.

Some of you might be looking for SARS efiling help. Efiling allows you to complete and submit your tax returns and declarations for free online. This service allows taxpayers and tax consultants to take action from the comfort of their own home or business without having to go anywhere.

To register for Efiling you will need your:

  • - Tax registration number
  • - ID number
  • - Personal details

Your tax registration number is specific to you. You can use this number to not only register yourself but also multiple different companies owned by you. There are various websites, tax professionals and online forums that can guide you through your efiling experience but none as straightforward and convenient as SweepSouth Connect. Our SARS efiling help will provide you with step-by-step assistance and guide you through the basics of efiling.

So if you need some SARS efiling help, SweepSouth Connect  is the place for you! So download the app today and get started!

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