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Top 5 Tips When Selecting A Tax Consultant:

  • - Find someone who is passionate about tax.
  • - Look for someone educated & experienced.
  • - Find someone who thinks outside of the box.
  • - Hire someone who asks you questions.
  • - Find someone who communicates well.



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While others of you might be looking for a tax consultant who is a trained professional with advanced knowledge in all areas associated with tax and tax laws. They are here to assist you in minimizing your taxes while making sure you remain tax compliant. It is important to use a tax consultant to assist in completing your tax returns as this is a legal document. Without these trained professionals you might submit your tax returns incorrectly and be audited by SARS leading to a fine, penalties, reduced refunds or even worse.

The best thing a business owner can do is to find a tax consultant that is able to assist him or her in protecting their wealth. If you stay in regular contact with your tax consultant you will be doing yourself a huge favour.

Becoming a tax consultant is not easy and requires not only a background in commerce but various courses and certification in taxation. Tax Consultants are usually qualified chartered accountants. They need a good understanding of mathematics, accounting, economics and business science. Before you find a tax consultant it is a good idea to identify what assistance you will need, find referrals, make sure they have the correct qualifications and get their rates for comparison.

Are you on the hunt for a tax consultant near you?

There are many tax consultants throughout South Africa and we want to put you in contact with the best tax consultant in your area. This is precisely why we have created connect. This has been created to assist in connecting you with services professionals who can help you or your company with any of the above topics. These service professionals can assist with educating you, walking you through all your tax queries and putting you in contact with the relevant people.

SweepSouth Connect looks forward to assisting you with all your tax matters and helping you find a tax consultant near me.

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