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Reasons To Use Connect For Aircon Regas:

  • - Quick access to a fast aircon regas service.
  • - Access to range of aircon regas specialists near you.
  • - The ability to select a specialist that is nearest to you.
  • - The ability to rate the aircon regas service and the specialist.



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“Who do I call to get my aircon regas back up and running?”

Have you been asking yourself this question and searching online for answers? Well, you no longer need to ask yourself these questions. With Sweepsouth Connect, you can now get in contact with aircon regas near you services via our user-friendly app!

Your aircon, like any other  appliance, will need servicing from time to time. There are specific parts, in particular, that need to be paid special attention to, such as the regas. So as you go about your daily life using your aircon, there will come a time when the regas will need some servicing and if this is ignored it can cause significant damage to your aircon and create even more inconvenience to your life. A damaged regas can cause the room to get quite stuffy and bring a lot of discomfort to your life. Living in a stuffy space is one of the most uncomfortable things to go through.

Some signs that your aircon needs regassing:

  • - The air the aircon produces is not as cool as it used to be
  • - The aircon has not been regassed for a while and you do not feel the difference between when it is on or off.
  • - The aircon may take longer to run or just runs and then slows down.

If you notice any one of these signs it is time to get your aircon regas serviced! The process of regassing an aircon is one that requires a professional technician, a specialist you can rely on. Sweepsouth Connect allows you access to a range of skilled and highly-qualified service professionals that can provide aircon regas services near you. The Connect app allows you to quickly get connected to aircon regas services near you hassle-free! plus you can get quotes just as quick.

So download the Sweepsouth Connect app to enjoy the benefits of our services today!

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