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Top 5 Washing Machine Repair Services:

  • - Machine not washing.
  • - Machine not spinning.
  • - Machine not switching on.
  • - Machine not draining.
  • - Unblocking of pipes & more.



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We all know why most people own washing machines and to most, it is a necessity. Washing machines offer so much convenience and assistance to all of us!

Our busy lifestyles can be so demanding, whether you are a full-time worker, a wife, a husband, a parent, or a student life can take over causing every minute to be so valuable. Hand washing is very time-consuming and not to mention extremely exhausting and having to take your clothes to a laundry service is also just as time-consuming and such a hassle- another task to add to your already endless list of to-do’s. In addition to this already endless list, a washing machine repair can be quite costly.

So as you can imagine, the thought of your washing machine breaking down is quite a daunting and stressful thought for most of us. However, with SweepSouth Connect such stresses are now a thing of the past.
When your washing machine is broken you want to repair it as quickly and as swiftly as possible and in the most cost-effective way possible. With SweepSouth Connect this is very much possible!
SweepSouth Connect is able to connect you with professional washing machine repair service professionals at your convenience. Our washing machine repair service professionals are able to repair all your washing machine problems efficiently and effortlessly.

Our washing machine repair professionals offer on-site repairs in most major metros inn South Africa, and their surrounds.
What is even more amazing about our service is the ability to receive washing machine repair services in your area!

Is there washing machine repair near me? YES!
Finding washing machine repair near you has never been this easy! Once on our app and having inserted your address, service professionals that are in your area will pop up to assist with all your washing machine repair needs.

You can also rest assured in knowing that our washing machine service professionals are experts when it comes to washing machine repairs. We have ensured that our service professional have years of experience, have the necessary qualifications and accreditation and are highly reliable. In addition to all of this clients are able to rate the service received which allows us to ensure that our team of service professionals maintain their level of service and are always providing an excellent service.  

We have done all the hard work in vetting our service professionals so you don’t have to. So all you have to do is download the app today and get connected to a number of qualified service professionals in your area ready to assist you.
So get started today!

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