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Top 3 Carpet Cleaning Methods:

  • - Shampoo cleaning for a clean fragrance.
  • - Steam cleaning for those hard to reach places.
  • - Dry cleaning keep them ready for foot traffic.



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Carpet cleaning services involve the cleaning of carpets using the latest carpet cleaning equipment and techniques to remove stains, allergens and dirt and ensure that your carpet retains its optimal colour, appearance.

Trying to maintain a clean carpet can become quite overwhelming and tricky. Over time carpets become stained and full of dirt, bacteria and allergens that are deep within. Many of our carpets have unseen bacteria that grow underneath the surfaces.This is why making use of professional carpet cleaning services is very essential.  The various methods they use to clean your carpet, ensure that deep cleaning of the carpet into those hard to reach areas as well as tough stain removal occurs. Making use of these services guarantee tailored solutions to suit your carpet needs.

These methods ensure that your carpets are adequately and efficiently cleaned getting rid of the dirt and stubborn stains from deep within. However, we do understand that finding the right carpet cleaner to assist you can be tricky which is why SweepSouth Connect is here. The Connect App makes connecting to trusted and vetted service providers easier than ever. Once you’ve downloaded our app you will get connected to carpet cleaning services near you within minutes.  

Why use this App?

The Sweepsouth Connect App is one of a kind. The App processes are faster as it eliminates the hassle of filing paperwork and scrolling through thousands of sites to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition, the App is more direct as it follows a three-step formula whereby you state your problem, the system generates optional service providers and you are able to select one that suits you best. All our service providers are fully vetted, with years of experience so you don’t have to stress and worry about this.

Our app allows for full transparency of the entire process and allows for clear and direct communication with the service provider selected. So clients are truly in full control

As you can see the Connect App is the way to go. So download the app to get connected to some of the best carpet cleaning services in the business.

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