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Top 5 Temporary Fencing Types Available:

  • - Barricade fencing.
  • - Mesh & pole fencing.
  • - Chain link fence panels.
  • - Crowd control fence panels.
  • - Vinyl fencing.



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Temporary fencing is an alternative to that of a more permanent fence type. It is a free-standing, self-supporting fence panel. This type of fencing is constructed in such a way that the panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together. All this basically just points to one simple thing; it is portable and flexible, allowing for it to perform a wide range of activities.

Temporary fencing is quite a common type of fencing and is also known as construction hoarding which is used at construction sights. It aims to ensure public safety and crowd control. This is vital to those who use it as it prevents any unnecessary complications and protects against serious damages and lawsuits.

Below we have provided a list of various forms of temporary fencing:

  • - Crowd control barriers - Are commonly used at many public events to contain the crown and also as a direct pointer to possible exits and entrance points. They are also frequently used at outdoor festivals and sporting events where they often have promotional material on them which can then serve as an advertisement platform.
  • - Vinyl Fence - It is a fence made using synthetic plastic which has been used at English cricket games since late 2001. It is another form of crowd control and for animal control on farms.

The benefits of temporary fencing:

  • - It is versatile - as it is steady enough to withstand weather conditions yet flexible enough to be stored or carried. It is great for both emergencies and planned events as it does not require much labour to set it up.
  • - Cost-effective - this is the most important benefit of temporary fencing. Purchasing permanent fencing can be costly due to the extensive labour of installing and the material cost. Whereas temporary fencing is easier to install as it is more convenient when setting up.

This is where the SweepSouth Connect App comes in handy. Getting connected to trusted and vetted temporary fencing services has never been this easy. We made sure all our service providers have years of experience, have no criminal background, are professionally trained and have all the necessary qualifications to ensure that you get the service you need. So we can guarantee exceptional and quality service delivery.

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