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Top 5 Furniture Moving Services Available:

  • - Boxes and packing materials delivered to your home/office.
  • - Dismantling and reassembling of furniture.
  • - Packing and wrapping of all your delicate furniture.
  • - Safe relocation and transportation to your new destination.
  • - Furniture placement at the new premises.



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Moving is a very stressful and costly experience. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, especially where your furniture is concerned, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

So, whether you are moving house or office, renovating your home or simply storing some furniture, you are definitely going to need professional furniture movers to assist you. Furniture movers know how to work with oversized, large furniture, as well as the efficient disassembling and reassembling of furniture for safe relocation.

Professional movers are rigorously trained to ensure your furniture is handled with care and arrive at its new destination without any damages. But how and where do you find trustworthy and reliable furniture movers/companies to help you move your furniture from your home or office? It’s simple, Connect!

Why Connect?

  • - Connect is SA’s hottest new multi-service app platform that will give you access to hundreds of service professionals to take care of your home service needs. Whether you need handymen, plumbers or in your case, furniture movers, we’ve got a pro for you.
  • - Connect does all the admin so you don’t have to - background checks and reference calls. All service providers are experienced, vetted, reviewed and rated.
  • - Our app offers a chat function for messaging between you and pros. It allows you to source quotes, book your pro and pay, securely, online.
  • - If you need work done at more than one location; list multiple properties and get work done simultaneously.

Remember, moving professionals guarantee you a safe move so you don’t have to stress about loss or damage.
Download Sweepsouth Connect today and experience a tailor made moving experience, suited to your needs, with one of the furniture movers on our platform.

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