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Top 5 Tips For House Painting:

  • - Always use the correct primer before beginning.
  • - Always stir your paint with a modified stirrer.
  • - Know what paint is on the existing walls, if any.
  • - Make sure your paint doesn't dry out.
  • - Invest in a paint pen, for those small touchups.



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There is no better way to make immediate changes to the appearance of your home than with a professional home painting job. Whether doing touch-ups for your bathroom or creating a whole new look for your kitchen, an instant upgrade can easily be created by slapping on a fresh coat of paint. Another important benefit of slapping on a fresh coat of paint when doing house painting is that the paint itself serves as one of your home's primary line of defends against weather, insects and other damages.

These are some tips for home painting:

  • - Have the correct tools
  • - Use the correct room painting techniques
  • - Exterior paint - services and weather are factors to consider when selecting the right paint for your house.
  • - Interior paint - different paints have different uses and characteristics for you to consider.

Deciding to do your house painting yourself is definitely a possibility however as seen above there are a lot of factors to consider and the task can be quite overwhelming especially if a large area requires painting. In addition to this, it takes a lot of skill and patience to get the job done right. This is why professionals are sometimes required and preferred and now with the Connect App getting connected to trusted and vetted service providers is easier than ever. Once you’ve downloaded our app you will get connected to house painting professionals near you within minutes.  

The Sweepsouth Connect App is committed to ensuring all our home painting professionals are thoroughly vetted. We’ve done all the hard work to ensure all our service providers have quality references, years of painting experience, are equipped with the correct painting equipment and have attention to detail.

So don't struggle any longer with trying to do your home painting yourself.  Download our app today to get started and get connected to trusted and reliable home painting professionals.

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