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Top 5 Bed Bug Home Remedies:

  • - Clean your bedding in extremely hot water.
  • - Use mattress and furniture friendly chemicals .
  • - Brush your mattress with a hard brush.
  • - Use a mattress cover to stop bed bugs from feeding.
  • - Use glue to seal any crevices in your room.



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Bed bugs are tiny oval shaped and brown in colour insects that live off our blood. They enter our homes through luggage, clothes, beds and other furniture pieces. Their favourite place to hide though is the mattress as it makes for the best place to bite and feast on us. They usually feed on us during the night by biting into the skin and sucking our blood, leaving itchy and inflamed marks on our skin. These microscopic insects can be quite irritating and annoying and there are a number of ways that one can try to get rid of them.
Unfortunately however, in many instances home removal techniques are not always sufficient and not everyone can afford to throw their mattress or furniture pieces away. So doing it alone will often not suffice and you will thus need the assistance of professional bed bug treatment services.

This is where SweepSouth Connect comes in. We are offering professional bed bug treatment services. These service providers make use of an odorless safe spray which kills both the bed bugs and their eggs. By downloading our app, you will get connected with these specialists who will survey the infected area, offer you a quote and provide you with a treatment and aftercare to stop the bed bugs from coming back.

The best part of using SweepSouth Connect is the fact that quality, safe and  reliable service is guaranteed. All our service providers have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they have at least 2 years of experience and all have the necessary skills and qualifications. All our service providers have also undergone a criminal background check to ensure they have a clean criminal background. We also allow our clients the option to rate the services received enabling us to monitor the performance of our service providers and ensure that only the best service providers remain on our platform.

So download the app today to get started today and get connected to vetted and trusted bed bug treatment services. We are eagerly waiting to assist you today.

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