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Top 5 Steps Performed By Bee Removal Specialists Near You:

  • - Identifying the type of bee being dealt with.
  • - Deciding how to deal with the specific bee type.
  • - Bees are removed using a vacuum.
  • - Relocation of the bees to a new safe area.
  • - Do their best to keep the colony alive.



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Bee-keepers must not be confused with bee removal services. Although bee removers should have an interest in training, handling and keeping bees, the main goal of a bee-keeper and bee remover is not the same. Removing bees can be a difficult task and requires protective gear, special equipment and a very specific skill set to get the bees to come out of some very tight spots. Thus, if you are trying to remove bees from your home or any other establishment it is best not to do it yourself and we highly recommend contacting a trained bee removal specialist to do the job for you.

Four checks a bee removal specialist makes before removing bees:

  • - Are the bees a threat to people or animals?
  • - Are you able to reach the hive and of course the queen?
  • - What method will be used to remove the bees?
  • - Is it necessary to exterminate the bees?

These are very important checks that a bee removal expert will ensure to adhere to when performing bee removal services.

So as you can see this is definitely not a job you want to do alone and now with SweepSouth Connect you don't have to! With SweepSouth Connect finding bee removal assistance has never been this easy. We made sure all the bee removal service providers on our platform have years of experience, have no criminal background, are professionally trained and have all the necessary qualifications to ensure that you get the service you need. Thus, we can guarantee you exceptional and quality service delivery.

So if this sounds like something you need simply download our app and within minutes you’ll get connected to a number of bee removal specialists ready to assist you! It’s as easy as that. Once you have selected a service provider that suits you, you can contact them over the phone, email or via our live chat app to ask questions, qet a quote or make an emergency call out.

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