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Top 5 Safe Fumigation Duties Adhered To:

  • - Coordinate with you regarding the treatment programme.
  • - Adhere to a certain standard of practice.
  • - Make a decision as to what the best treatment plan is.
  • - Spray fumigation chemicals using special equipment.
  • - Take the necessary safety measures and precautions.



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Fumigation is the process whereby a chemical is used at a certain temperature and pressure to exterminate pests such as wood-borer beetles and different types of termites that infest bulk commodities and different types of wood storing containers. You will be able to locate an infested area as the pests can often be seen and heard. They make holes into the wood leaving sawdust and hollow wood. Once the target area has been identified by the specialist they will seal off the area and spray the infected area evenly to rid it of the pests. The spray is able to exterminate a pest at any stage of its life. Fumigation must be taken very seriously and is used when normal pest control is not sufficient. This process must be done with caution as the chemicals used can often be poisonous and / or lethal. Fumigation specialists are able to assist you with this problem no matter what the size of the building.

Duties of a fumigation specialist:

  • - Ensure targets are being met
  • - Monitor all treatments related to commodities and different types of wood storing containers
  • - Create an aftercare plan to avoid further damage

So if your pest control initiatives have not been working no matter how many times you’ve tried then a fumigation specialist might be just what you need. Here at SweepSouth Connect we can assist in connecting you  with a number of trusted and vetted specialists offering fumigation services via our user-friendly app. We can assure you that all our specialists offering fumigation services have years of experience and the necessary skills to assist you with quick and quality fumigation services.

It is important that you find a reputable fumigation specialist who is going to offer you trusted and reliable fumigation services  and SweepSouth Connect has done all the hard work in vetting our service providers to ensure this is always provided. So you don't have to stress or struggle searching for the right fumigation services and wondering whether they are truly qualified, reliable or trustworthy. All that has been done by us, making your decision so much easier.

So to get started simply download our app and within minutes you’ll get connected to a number of fumigation specialists in your area ready to assist you! It’s as easy as that. Once you have selected a fumigation specialist that suits you, you can contact them over the phone, email or via our live chat app to ask questions, qet a quote or make an emergency call out.

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