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Top 5 Plumbing Services Near You:

  • - Plumbing maintenance.
  • - Burst geyser repairs.
  • - Leaking taps and toilet repairs.
  • - Leak detection.
  • - Drain unblocking.



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Need plumbing services? No need to look any further! Sweepsouth Connect has affordable and reliable plumbers ready to assist you today, just download our app and get started!

Why Choose Us?

Sweepsouth provides an online platform where clients are able to gain easy access to reliable and trusted plumbing services. Sweepsouth connects busy people to background-checked plumbing professionals. Within minutes you can book a plumber for same-day services. Our platform allows the customer to view the plumber’s profile and select their preferred plumber. We offer comprehensive plumbing services and emergency assistance.

Sweepsouth Connect offers a full range of services for both residential and commercial customers. Our plumbers listen attentively to understand the problem and make the customer feel comfortable with their abilities. We strive to deliver the best service possible while not breaking the bank. We specialize in various different plumbing services - rest assured you are getting the best possible service.

Our services include:

  • - Hot water cylinders, burst geysers, leaking taps and toilets, leak detection,drain unblocking and plumbing maintenance.
  • - Plumbing Inspection - checking for leaks and any damages.
  • - Burst pipes can be an expensive problem to have if left unattended. We can locate and repair burst pipes before they become too expensive.
  • - Locating water leaks, whether they originate in the roof, underground, inside walls, basements or any other place.

So contact us today with any plumbing hassles you may encounter we will be able to assist within no time. We currently operate in most areas of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion and Durban. So hurry up and download our app and get started with our plumbing services! As easy as pie. No complicated paperwork, no waiting on the phone.

Get connected with a plumber within 5 minutes on this hassle-free, user-friendly app!  Kindly sign up and join the platform and we will be able to help you be in touch with the best plumbing services today!

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