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Top 5 Repairs From Thatch Repair Services:

  • - Damage due to surrounding environment.
  • - Leaks in the thatch.
  • - Damage due to fire.
  • - Damage due to nesting birds.
  • - Rethatching old or rotten thatch.



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Looking for a reliable specialist for all your thatch repairs? Well, look no further!

Putting together a thatch roof takes skill and experience and this is the same with thatch repairs. So a skilled professional is needed if any damage occurs to your thatch roof. There are various reasons as to why a thatch roof may become damaged and we have highlighted these below:

Surrounding Environment :

If there are trees close to your thatched roof, you are bound to have a problem as these can damage the thatch especially in bad weather conditions.


Depending on the cause of the leak, the water seeping through can cause further damage to the thatch and will need to be looked into and a thatch repair specialist will have to be contacted as soon as possible.

Damage due to fire:

Thatch can catch fire very quickly, although this may not be intentional it can happen. Having thatch repaired at a tap of a button can go a long way in saving you time and quickly get you the service you need.

Nesting for birds:

This can become the perfect place for birds to nest and this means that you stand the risk of getting your thatch damaged. Getting a thatch repairs specialist to help may also be an opportunity to get a chance to put other measures in place to ensure your thatch is bird resistant in the future.

So as you can see thatch roofs are prone to damage and thus why proper and regular maintenance is required. Here at Sweepsouth Connect we made sure to onboard the best service professionals skilled in thatch repairs. All our service professionals are vetted and highly skilled with years of experience. They have also undergone a criminal background check and are highly reliable.

By using the Sweepsouth Connect app you will have access to all our service professionals skilled in thatch repairs and be able to get all your thatch repair needs sorted.

Convenience is our middle name and we made sure to tick all the boxes when it came to this. Finding roof leak repair services has never been this easy! So do not hesitate and get our app today! you don’t want to be left stranded with a damaged thatch roof that needs immediate attention while you hassle to find the right thatch repair service. No need for all that hassle when Sweepsouth Connect is here.

So if you are experiencing issues with your thatch roof and need reliable quality service right at the tip of your fingers, get a quote and schedule an appointment to get your thatch repaired now!

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