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Top 5 Types Of B2B Video Marketing Available:

  • - Explainer Videos: - capture audience attention early.
  • - Vlogs: give people an insight into you and your brand.
  • - Webinars: show the value of your products & services.
  • - Culture Videos: show off your company personality.
  • - Social Content: tell a complete story in a bite-sized chunk.



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Video content seems like a new window of opportunity as video marketing is fast becoming the preferred content form for B2B video marketing.
Videos say more, in less time and make the content more presentable, user friendly and easier to retain. The platforms for producing and consuming video content is now more accessible to marketers and buyers alike more than ever before.
It’s thus the perfect time to incorporate B2B video marketing into your B2B marketing strategy.

Businesses are customers too and that’s what B2B video marketing is about - marketing your products, services or brand and business to other businesses in the form of videos.
If you need help with your B2B video marketing content/strategy SweepSouth connect is here to help. Outsource a B2B marketer from the Connect platform - SA’s brand new professional services app.
So there isn’t only one major type of B2B video marketing content you should rely on! There are hundreds to choose from but here are 5 formats that B2B marketers could experiment with for your business, that will really strike a chord with your audiences.

5 Types Of B2B Video Marketing Content Offered:

  1. Explainer Videos: explainer videos are the perfect opportunity to capture someone’s attention early. These are utilized at the “awareness” stage of the sales funnel. In roughly two minutes, provide a high-level outline of not only what your product or service does, but what problems it will solve in the lives of your ideal customers.
  2. Vlogs: vlog content (usually five minutes or less) peels back the curtain and gives people an insight into yourself and the brand you represent. Consider it your opportunity to take people “backstage,” so to speak. Use them to provide insight into who you are, what you do and – most critically – why you do it.
  3. Webinars: webinars are a great way to catch someone’s attention in the “awareness” phase and move them into “consideration” in a nice, organic format. You have perhaps 30 minutes to educate your buyers and establish yourself as a thought leader. You can dive very deep into your marketplace, the problems you solve and the value your products and services generate.
  4. Culture Videos: targeted at customers at a very different point in the buying process. Instead of trying to raise awareness, you’re now trying to help cement someone’s decision or retain existing customers. These types of videos show off your company, your people and your personality.
  5. Social Content: these videos need to be short – typically around one minute or so in length. They can be about any topic – from current projects you’re working on to customer success stories and beyond. Just be sure to tell your complete story in a bite-sized chunk that looks great on a mobile device.

We have a range of B2B video marketers who you can consult with to plan and execute a B2B video marketing strategy, specific to your business.
Our platform offers you the fastest way to get quotes and schedule appointments. You’ll get matched to the best provider, based on your specific needs. All service professionals are vetted, rated and reviewed.

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