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Top 5 YouTube Marketing Techniques Available:

  • - Create regular, quality content.
  • - Write great titles for your videos.
  • - Create the right thumbnails.
  • - Use your logo to create brand awareness.
  • - Write great descriptions on your videos.



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Invest In YouTube Marketing And Grow Your Business’ Online Presence

Video is where the web is going and if you’re looking to go into video marketing, there’s no better channel than YouTube and fortunately, you don’t need to fork out thousands of rands for YouTube marketing.
If you create a good channel by constantly putting out great, quality content that your customers and people want, you’ll get the attention you need to drive customer acquisition through YouTube.
But how much do you know about YouTube marketing?

Well, as we know, YouTube is a video-focused social network. It has been dominating the way people watch and stream videos online. The dominance of YouTube means that businesses now have an opportunity to establish their brand through interactive videos that can build followers, which will ultimately result in new customers.

YouTube marketing is an essential video marketing strategy to take advantage of the web’s massive shift towards video content for both online and offline business owners. It will give you a huge leg up on your competition, helping your business move forward.

14 YouTube Marketing Techniques To Adhere To

  1. Create a great channel layout
  2. Create regular, quality content
  3. Write great titles for your videos
  4. Create the right thumbnails
  5. Use your logo to create brand awareness
  6. Promote your YouTube content across other channels
  7. Improve your YouTube search engine rankings
  8. Write great descriptions on your videos
  9. Include closed captions on your uploads
  10. Use the right tags on your videos
  11. Ask for comments, likes and subscriptions in your videos
  12. Be sure to create a great video opening/introduction
  13. Include annotations in your videos
  14. Create calls to action

YouTube is one of the largest, most visited websites, worldwide. It’s one of the easiest places to get massive amounts of traffic with minimal effort but with help from a YouTube marketing professional, you’re guaranteed to have your videos surging up the search rankings on both YouTube and Google.

A YouTube marketing professional will ensure the creation of engaging videos, drive customer acquisition and dominate SEO - this is what they’ve been trained to do.
Our app platform, Connect, is the perfect place for you to find the YouTube marketing professional for your business!
We are a professional services app that facilitates the connection between you and a vetted, reviewed and rated service provider to do whatever is on your business’ to-do list; YouTube marketing being one of them.

Download Connect and within a matter of minutes, you’ll be connected to an experienced service professional to take your YouTube Marketing from 0 to 100!

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