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Voted as South Africa’s most convenient home cleaning service, SweepSouth has taken the country by storm with its innovative approach to the home cleaning industry. Sweeping, scrubbing, mopping and tidying, SweepSouth cleaning rates are affordable, because we believe that everyone deserves a little time off. 

Popular Home Cleaning Services

Available Monday to Sunday for your convenience, a top-rated SweepStar near you will be assigned to handle any of the home cleaning tasks which you may need. To see a comprehensive breakdown of the tasks list select from the options below:

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Say goodbye to toothpaste speckled mirrors, grimy taps, bathtubs with a ring around the water level, soapy showers and a dirty floor of footprints and start enjoying your time in the bathroom.

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Bedroom Cleaning Services

SweepSouth professional home cleaning services ensure every room in your house or flat is immaculate and sparkling after each clean, so that your home is a happy home.

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Kitchen Cleaning Services

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but also the source of great frustration, dismay and wasted hours for many a man and woman. Luckily, SweepSouth home cleaners have the tile cleaning, kitchen counter top cleaning, dish washing and mopping floors under control.

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Living Room Cleaning Services

Rather than letting your favourite chill spot become a source of stress and spoil your precious hours at home, let SweepSouth take care of keeping your living room clean and all the furniture and electronics inside it spotless.

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Our home cleaning service extends across South Africa, in a majority of the following cities: 

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