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We know that finding the time to clean your entire home can be tough, and we often see that the bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in the house. With shower and bath cleaning an important requirement, basins to disinfect, floors to mop, toilets to scrub and walls to wipe, keeping the bathroom in your home clean can be quite a labour intensive chore.

We’re up to the task

Fortunately for our customers, the SweepSouth domestic cleaners know all the best ways to transform your bathroom from unspeakable to sparkling before moving on to the next room. From replacing towels and emptying your bathroom rubbish bin to getting rid of limescale build up and obliterating mildew in the shower, booking a home cleaning on means a happy, clean bathroom without the hassle.

Say goodbye to toothpaste speckled mirrors, grimy taps, bathtubs with a ring around the water level, soapy showers and a dirty floor of footprints and start enjoying your time in the bathroom, soaking in the bath, distressing in the shower or carefully applying your makeup in the mirror in anticipation of an exciting night out.

Quality Assured

Our cleaners are given an extensive checklist to complete for every home clean job that they do, so no task big or small is overlooked. Whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or lounge, each room in the house is broken down by the chores that needs to be performed in that room, to ensure that once your clean is completed, your home is shining to your satisfaction.

Being busy is no excuse not to enjoy a clean, happy home. Book your domestic home cleaning and let our team of professional home cleaners take care of the rest.

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