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The kitchen is the heart of the home, but also the source of great frustration, dismay and wasted hours for many a man and woman. Luckily, SweepSouth home cleaners have the tile cleaning, kitchen counter top cleaning, dish washing and mopping floors under control so you can really enjoy your time in the kitchen with good food, family and friends.

Whether you are cooking up a gourmet feast for friends, gathered around the bar counter eating breakfast with the family, teaching your children to bake biscuits or taking a five minute break from it all while you wait for the kettle to boil, a lot of love and happiness is found in the kitchen– and a lot of mess.

When you book a clean with SweepSouth, a lot of love goes into cleaning the kitchen too, so you can focus on enjoying the good times and making precious memories, without worrying about the dirty dishes, spills on the floor, batter on the walls and forgotten leftovers in the fridge.

We’re up to the task

With hundreds of hours of cleaning experience, the SweepSouth team of SweepStars are experienced kitchen cleaning professionals, and we guarantee that after an hour spent in your kitchen, you will have sparkling dishes, a clean sink, clean tiles, mopped floors and shining appliances.

Cooking is best enjoyed in a clean kitchen, and your spotless countertops will beckon for you to indulge your inner chef and get to work on making a whole new mess with a delicious meal in mind. Well acquainted with high-end coffee machines, state-of-the-art ovens, antique and irreplaceable china and fragile crockery, rest assured that all SweepSouth cleaners are practised in the best methods to expertly clean and care for the items in your kitchen that you hold dear.

Quality Assured

In addition to the full SweepSouth checklist of compulsory kitchen tasks, when your kitchen requires some extra TLC you can also request- when you make your booking on SweepSouth.com- that your appointed Sweepstar does either or all of the following tasks too: the cleaning the inside of your oven, the cleaning the inside of your fridge, cleaning the inside your kitchen cupboards and wiping down your walls for your convenience.

Keep your kitchen a happy and hassle-free room in your home when you book your next clean on SweepSouth.com.

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