Interior Window Cleaning Service

Interior Window Cleaning Service

When you book a home clean with SweepSouth home cleaning services, you can trust our experienced SweepStars to clean the inside of your home beautifully and restore the calm in your personal space with a few short hours of tidying, sweeping, mopping and dusting. As much as you’ll love spending more time at home inside your peaceful, orderly and inspiringly spotless home, sometimes the best part of staying at home is enjoying the view of the scenery outside.

We’re up to the task

Opt for the additional one hour window washing service when booking your clean on for only an additional R38. Our professional cleaners will make sure that they remove the dirt, mud, handprints and water streaks from every window pane, inside and out, so that your windows are left sparkling and clear once again, and you can admire the sunny weather, breathtaking view or green garden outside, from the comfort of your home.

With frequent use, the elements like rain and wind, and simple neglect, glass windows can quickly accumulate dirt and debris that makes them dirty and hard to see through, which is why SweepSouth recommend that you request a full window cleaning once every 6- 8 weeks to maintain your sparkling sliding doors, kitchen windows, bedroom windows and living room windows.

Quality Assured

Book your complete domestic home cleaning to treat yourself to the complete convenience of a SweepSouth home cleaning. In just a few clicks, you book a reliable SweepStar to clean your place, so that you can relax and do what you really what really matters to you, while the professional gets down to the business of making you home and happy home, with a thorough clean that includes the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living areas and selected additional tasks like window cleaning, wall washing, laundry, ironing and mall.

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