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Looking for speciality cleaners to tackle some of the more intense cleaning duties? Look no further than SweepSouth.com, South Africa’s most reliable home cleaning services. Along with their regular domestic cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, doing the dishes, making the beds, vacuuming and cleaning walls and appliances; SweepStars will -at your request- also do additional, extra chores around the home. As we don’t want you to pay for tasks or additional hours that you don’t require, we haven’t included jobs like cleaning the inside of your fridge or laundry and ironing as a part of our routine chore checklist. If you do require more extensive house cleaning for your next appointment, just take a moment to indicate which extra tasks you require during step one of the easy online booking process. Whether it's cleaning the inside of the oven for just an additional fee or cleaning inside the cupboards, simply tick the relevant boxes to indicate the additional tasks you wish your allocated cleaner to perform and we’ll notify her accordingly.  


View our speciality cleaning offerings available:

Laundry & Ironing Cleaning Services

With SweepSouth you never need to leave the house wearing crumpled clothing again, or settle for wearing an outfit you don’t even like because you haven’t had time to wash your laundry.

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Fridge Cleaning Services

Hate cleaning the fridge? Never sure what you will find inside? Never fear, SweepSouth is here!

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Cabinet Cleaning Services

When it comes to reorganising and cleaning your cabinets, SweepSouth cleaners know to turn a dusty disaster zone into a sparkling showpiece for your house.

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Oven Cleaning Services

With A regular oven cleaning from SweepSouth.com you can keep your appliances spotless and in great working condition!

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Interior Window Cleaning Services

As much as you’ll love spending more time at home inside your peaceful, orderly and inspiringly spotless home, sometimes the best part of staying at home is enjoying the view of the scenery outside. 

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Interior Wall Cleaning Services

Footballs, feet marks, grubby fingerprints and stubborn marks left from moving furniture, the walls in the house experience some serious wear and tear, and keeping them clean can be hard work. Luckily, SweepSouth cleaners know how to expertly wash walls.

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Our home cleaning service extends across South Africa, in a majority of the following cities: 

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