Fridge Cleaning Services

Fridge Cleaning Services

Hate cleaning the fridge? Never sure what you will find inside? Never fear, SweepSouth is here! When you book a professional home clean on, you can rest assured that all your essential cleaning tasks are taken care of, such as your mopping, sweeping, dusting, tidying, dishes, bed making, vacuuming, scrubbing the shower and so on.

We’re up to the task

There are also some additional tasks available upon request that may not be required every week, but are needed every so often to keep your home and the furniture and appliances inside in top working condition. In the kitchen, one of the additional chores that are available from is refrigerator cleaning – inside and out. Without fairly regular cleaning, the inside of the fridge can quickly become unhygienic. As your fresh fruit, vegetables and condiments are stored in your fridge, cleaning the fridge and keeping it immaculate should be a top priority. Regular cleaning also helps your fridge run at maximum efficiency. Let SweepSouth cleaners help keep your refrigerator sanitary and free of expired foods, rotting produce, unpleasant odours and germs with their expert home cleaning techniques.

Quality Assured

To ensure your fridge is not neglected, book a clean for your home on During the booking process, you will need to specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your house. You will also be asked to select which additional chores you would like your SweepStar cleaner to carry out during your next booking. Simply select Inside Fridge and any other special chores like laundry or cleaning inside your cabinets. On the day of your appointment, you can expect your SweepStar to take approximately half an hour to clean the inside of the fridge, so you pay just R19 to keep your refrigerator spotless and your food fresh!

Book your full kitchen clean on today so you can stop opening your fridge door with dread!

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