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Interior Wall Cleaning Service

Footballs, feet marks, grubby fingerprints and stubborn marks left from moving furniture, the walls in the house experience some serious wear and tear, and keeping them clean can be hard work. Luckily, SweepSouth cleaners know how to expertly wash walls. In fact, they know how to expertly clean painted walls without damaging them paint or leaving unsightly streaks.

We’re up to the task

When the interior of your home is looking a bit worn, give it a facelift simply by requesting that your next SweepSouth cleaner wash the wall in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. As good as a new coat of paint, a proper wall clean will leave your home looking smart, bright and tidier than before and free of any dirty marks. To ensure your SweepSouth cleaner knows that you would like her to wash your walls in addition to the usual SweepSouth tasks, ensure you indicate it by selecting the Interior Walls option during the first set of the booking process on

Quality Assured

Your SweepSouth SweepStar cleaner can be expected to spend an additional one hour in your home cleaning your interior walls, which means you pay only a nominal fee extra to give your home an affordable facelift.

As walls bear the brunt of bags, dirty hands, bumps and scuffs, we recommend a comprehensive wall cleaning every 3 months, or once a season, to keep wear and tear to a minimum and to keep your home looking good. With hundreds of hours cleaning experience, you can trust the SweepSouth cleaners to know the best and most effective method to wash your walls and remove persistent marks and grubby stains, so your home looks as good as the day it was painted.

Treat your home to a professional cleaning with and treat yourself to a happy, harmonious home without the hard work.

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