Laundry & Ironing Cleaning Services

Laundry & Ironing Cleaning Services

SweepSouth offers a comprehensive home cleaning service for South Africa. That goes beyond the usual dusting, mopping, vacuuming and dishes and includes those additional tasks that often get neglected due to lack of time, like laundry cleaning and ironing.

With SweepSouth you never need to leave the house wearing crumpled clothing again, or settle for wearing an outfit you don’t even like because you haven’t had time to wash your laundry.

We’re up to the task

When you book your clean on and select ironing and laundry cleaning in addition to the extensive list of set chores they carry out during every home cleaning, you pay a norminal fee per hour to have your clothing washed in the washing machine, hung up to dry and ironed. With vast experience in domestic cleaning, your favourite garments are safe in the hands of our professional home cleaners, who will ensure your clothing is thoroughly but delicately cleaned, pesky stains are removed and garments are ironed with the utmost care before being folded or hung up and packed away. Leave your preferred washing powder, liquid detergent or capsules and fabric softeners with your SweepStar and come home to crisp, fresh and crease-free clothing.

Quality Assured

We know there’s nothing that boosts your confidence and makes you look more efficient and professional than donning well ironed outfit for a big day at the office, but just because your clothes need an iron, cleaning and to be folded, doesn’t mean you have the time to do it.

It’s only natural to hope that no one will notice that slightly crumpled jersey or pair of jeans, but it makes the biggest difference to your appearance. When booking a clean on, ironing and laundry is an optional extra, so if you don’t have laundry that needs cleaning and ironing, or prefer to do it yourself, you simply don’t pay for those chores, easy and affordable as that!

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