Oven Cleaning Services

Comprehensive oven cleaning service

SweepSouth are experts in professional home cleaning services and that includes the cleaning and tidying of all rooms in the house or flat, including your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used and lived-in rooms of the house where we cook, eat and spend time with the family.

It can also quickly become one of the dirtiest rooms in the house if it’s not constantly maintained, with dirty crockery and cutlery piling up, splatters and spills occurring on a daily basis and meals prepared with reckless abandon.

We’re up to the task

When you book a home clean on SweepSouth.com, our SweepStar cleaners come to your place prepared to make your kitchen sparkle again, with a checklist of chores that ensure no task is overlooked.

As you go through the short and simple booking process online, you can also indicate if you would like extra more occasional tasks to be completed during a clean, like a complete oven clean which involves thoroughly cleaning, scrubbing and removing and grime and food debris from the inside of your oven, as well as the outside and stovetop.

Although it is not necessary every week, we suggest you request that your SweepSouth cleaner do a complete oven clean approximately once every 2 months to keep your oven and stove spotless and in good working condition.

Quality Assured

Once your oven cleaning is complete, your SweepStar will move on to the rest of her kitchen tasks, including cleaning your other kitchen appliances, sweeping and mopping the floors, washing any dirty dishes and wiping down your counter, so that your kitchen is once again shiny and clean, and a place where you enjoy spending quality time. Book your next home clean on SweepSouth.com and one of our experienced and reliable SweepStar cleaners will ensure your kitchen- the heart of the home- is a happy and healthy space.

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