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Commercial Cleaning Services

At SweepSouth, we believe in providing our customers with a clean sweep. What does that mean? Ensuring that the office building you work in is just as clean as the house you live in. The trusted and highly efficient SweepStars will provide you with professional commercial cleaning services second to none. Give your company the look and feel it deserves by letting our experts maintain a clean and healthy environment, allowing you more time to take care of the rest. From household to commercial, our cleaning services maintain the highest standard throughout.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning involves the cleaning of any industrial, business, or office space. SweepStars will make sure that your boardrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and any other areas are maintained according to the highest standards.

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

The average cost of commercial cleaning is R5,25 per square metre. However, rates will vary according to size and appliances/machines requiring cleaning. Get a quote tailored to your needs here.

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Important?

A successful business is made up of many different parts, one of those being a work environment that inspires productivity and gives the right impression to outsiders. The commercial cleaning service that SweepSouth provides will guarantee your company a workspace fit for a flourishing business.

Commercial Cleaning Locations

Commercial Cleaning Johannesburg
Commercial Cleaning Durban
Commercial Cleaning Cape Town
Commercial Cleaning Pretoria
Commercial Cleaning Bloemfontein

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