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Healthy Cleaning

If you’re searching for a trusted and reliable cleaning company with years of experience in matching and exceeding particular health standards, SweepSouth is the answer. As South Africa’s number 1 cleaning service company, the SweepSouth family prides itself on delivering health cleaning services that meet the required health standards, while also leaving a smile on our customers’ faces. Be it a company building or a family home, our promise of keeping those between the four walls happy and healthy remains the top priority. 

Not only are SweepStars vetted before joining the team, but they are also trained on the latest and best cleaning techniques to give the healthiest cleaning service possible. Slowing the spread of germs and eliminating bacteria has never been an easier task with SweepSouth in the picture. Our finely detailed and well-run health cleaning steps ensure a quality service every single time. Make a booking today and find out why we’re the leaders in cleaning services.  

What Are The 3 Types Of Cleaning?

The 3 types of cleaning are regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and end-of-tenancy cleaning. Cleaning for health falls into the category of deep cleaning, but with the added requirement of having certain health standards needing to be met. SweepStars are trained in all types of cleaning and make sure they perform a job unmatched by any other cleaning service company.

What Is The Highest Level Of Cleaning?

The highest level of cleaning for surfaces is disinfection. This is included in deep cleans and other cleaning services performed to meet health standards. 

What Is Cleaning For Health?

A cleaning service performed to eliminate dirt and bacteria and slow the spread of germs. Cleaning for health in office blocks or company buildings often involves standards that need to be met. The team at SweepSouth has more than enough experience to meet those standards and keep your space bacteria-free. 

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