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Curtain Cleaning Services

As most people know, cleaning a house in its full capacity is a job that requires lots of time and effort. Many segments form the boxes that need to be ticked, one of those being clean curtains. Removing dirt and bacteria from your curtains regularly is of the utmost importance as they are easy targets for mould and pollen to remain and spread. This could be a trigger for allergens to disrupt your family’s health. Besides the well-being factor, it’s important to have your curtains cleaned to keep them in good condition, as the sometimes drastic weather conditions make them susceptible to wear and tear. 

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Can Curtains Be Cleaned While Hanging?

A less in-depth clean can be given to curtains while they are hanging. Shake them from the top to get rid of dust and dirt before proceeding to vacuum them. Don’t forget to clean the floor beneath the curtains where the dirt was shaken off. Curtains will need to be removed from the railing for a deeper clean.

How Do You Deep Clean Curtains?

After completing the steps above, remove the curtains from the railing and give them a machine or hand wash. Don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s label and perform the cleaning according to the requirements. Hang your curtains up to air-dry and enjoy the fresh quality of your recently cleaned curtains. 

How Often Should Curtains Be Cleaned?

According to recommendations, your curtains should be cleaned every 3-6 months. If you have a busier household with more activity, you should clean your curtains more often. 

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