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Move-in Cleaning Services

The time has come for you to move into your newly bought or rented place. As much as excitement may be the main theme of the day, it’s always good to start on a clean slate. Before turning your house or apartment into a place to call home by filling the empty spaces, a good clean is often needed. Our move-in cleaning services will give you more time to tackle other tasks by having one less item on the checklist to worry about. 

If you’re thinking ahead of time and still need a move-out cleaning service, why not entrust that in our hands too? From point A to point B, our comprehensive cleaning services will ease every part of your journey. 

How Much Does Move-in Cleaning Cost?

The cost will always vary based on size, but an average figure for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house will be between R300 and R400.

Move-in Cleaning Checklist

SweepStars go through a specific checklist to provide the best results possible. Below are the steps you can expect:

  • The kitchen will be cleaned from top to bottom, leaving the floors for later.
  • The bathrooms will be given a deeper clean, making sure all surfaces are disinfected.
  • The remaining rooms will then be cleaned from top to bottom, making sure all windows, surfaces, and fixtures are dusted off and wiped down.
  • The cleaning service will end with floors being swept, vacuumed, and mopped. 

Our booking process makes it easy for you to request any extras you’d like done.


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