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Housekeeping Cleaning

A busy schedule can often make it difficult to clean your home and keep it dirt and pest free. This is even more important to do if you are running a bed and breakfast service on your property. Either way, whether it’s your health or that of someone else, housekeeping is a task that should be performed on a regular basis to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Our team at SweepSouth gives you the opportunity to wake up in a clean home every day by providing expert housekeeping cleaning services. The flexible booking platform we provide means you are under no obligation to book a minimum or maximum amount of times. Look forward to showing those visitors from out of town your sparkling home by having a SweepStar exceed your housekeeping cleaning service expectations.

SweepSouth is here for you during all seasons of the year and on all occasions, large or small. Give our trusted cleaning services a try and reap the results of true quality service.

What Are The Services Of Housekeeping?

Housekeeping services are very similar to those of regular cleaning services, with an added focus on laundry. On top of having your sheets and pillowcases washed and ironed, you’ll still experience the benefits of sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and other regular cleaning tasks. 

What Are The Two Types Of Housekeeping?

Housekeeping gets categorised into two types: institutional, and domestic. The former is performed in commercial buildings such as hotels and resorts, whereas the latter is focused on residential buildings. The team at SweepSouth are experts in both fields. 

What Are The Three Types Of Cleaning?

Regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and end of tenancy (otherwise known as move-out or move-in) cleaning. SweepStars are highly trained and able to provide all types of cleaning at the highest level.

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