Couch Cleaning Services

Couch Cleaning Service

For most families, the lounge is where they gather to socialise, unwind, and look back on another day while breathing in moments of relaxation. There’s no better way to do that than enjoying the feeling of couches that are as good as new. With SweepSouth’s couch cleaning services, you’ll never want to leave the lounge for any other room that SweepStars have cleaned just as efficiently. 

At SweepSouth, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest cleaning techniques and best cleaning products. As such, we make sure to use both elements suited best to your particular upholstery needs. Whether you’re preparing for a family visit over the holidays or hosting friends over the weekend for a sports game, book a SweepStar today to find out why our couch cleaning services are held to the same professional standard as those on the extensive list of other cleaning services we offer. 

How Much Does It Cost To Wash A Couch?

The price of getting your couch or any other upholstery cleaned will depend on the number of furniture items requiring cleaning and the type of material getting cleaned. Different types of upholstery require different cleaning products and methods for the best possible clean. Head over to our booking page today to get a quote tailored to your needs.

Is It Worth Cleaning A Sofa?

Over time, couches and other items of furniture start to gather elements such as dirt, food crumbs, and sweat. Booking a SweepSouth couch cleaning service will rid your comfy couch of these unwanted components and leave your favourite seat looking and feeling better than ever. 

What Do Professionals Use To Clean Couches?

Some of the most common techniques that SweepStars use to clean couches as efficiently as possible are: steam-heat extraction, carbonation cleaning, chemical cleaning, foam cleaning, and dry cleaning. 

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