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Apartment Cleaning Services

Having a clean apartment to wake up in and come home to every day makes a huge difference in your quality of life. Not only will it declutter your mind of stress, but it’s also important for health reasons. As such, finding a reliable and professional company for the job is equally as important. Amongst the many other cleaning services we offer, SweepSouth’s apartment cleaning services take the cake when it comes to cleaning up the crumbs. SweepStars follow a rigorous process to maintain professionalism and a standard of apartment cleaning that can’t be matched.

How Often Should You Clean Your Apartment?

It’s recommended that areas such as the living room and bedrooms be cleaned several times a month. The kitchen and bathrooms should get cleaned more often. Our booking process makes it easy to choose days and times that suit you, or take advantage of the specials when they pop up.

How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet?

Your toilet should be cleaned at least once a week to keep away any bacteria.

How Often Should You Mop Your Floors?

Floors in your apartment that see the most activity should be mopped at least once a week. Other rooms that are less busy can be mopped less frequently.

How Often Should You Dust?

You should dust the areas in your apartment that need it at least once a week. The more you dust, the less chance you have of an allergen build-up.

What Should Be Cleaned Daily?

Besides your dishes, any surfaces or counters that are used often should be cleaned daily. This is especially vital for surfaces used for the preparation and consumption of food. 

Why Should You Clean Your Apartment?

Other than the aesthetic factor, it’s important to keep your apartment clean for health and safety reasons. A dirty apartment will cause allergies to flare up a lot easier, and attract unwanted pests in the process. 

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